It didn't make any sense to me hours after it had happened. My senses were exhausted and in want of more at the same time. I looked about myself; there were so much I couldn't understand: circumstances I had worked at creating staring me in the eye unknowingly, and I couldn't relate to them either. I had my desire rewarded, and I wanted more. I was physically at my extreme; so tired I didn't think I could get up and walk half a mile. I wanted to lie down and be like that for a stretch of eternity, dreamily floating in in the truth of my moment. I felt everything else to be unimportant and petty. Everything was irrelevant. Every face I saw, everyone I talked to, every voice I heard, every perception was unreal. Sometimes it gets into your insides and cuts everything there. It's not injury. It's beauty. I felt beauty all about; it was a feeling so alien it dazed me for hours. It gave me promise.
How do we create something that's better than us?
Can we create something that could make itself superior to us.....can we give a life better than our own to something that didn't exist before?
Is Art the answer? Or is it just a frail attempt? I love this feeling of being found and caught: clueless and admiring.
Can I start to try to create something?