Booker Winner!

When "The White Tiger" won the booker, I thought Naipaul's view about the end of literature, that literature has served its purpose and was to get some other form of replacement, had come true. The first fault was the writer himself. Bald and distraught looking he looked more like a writer of Harold Robin's virtue. What's wrong with Amitav Ghosh's "The Sea of Poppies". The golden era of indelible books had passed it's all "The Inheritance of Shit", "Coloured Tigers" winning the esteemed award..and to add to the insult Indians winning it. There was a time when the committee had to sit for almost a week to decide whether to give "Shame" the prize or "The Life and Times of Michael K"...of course the committee made the wrong decision, but here you couldn't hold the committee responsible for the lack of competition. Deciding the booker prize would never have been this easy, give it to anyone; and no one would question the decision as all the shortlists are equally bad. Booker is slowly going the Nobel have to give it to people every yesr...choose the countries and give it to anyone that seems likely in any sense. This was India's turn...3 years later I'm thinking of writing "The Inheritance of White Tigers". Whoever liked both the books please dig two graveyards..